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Mayhem Affiliate

CrossFit Mayhem's Gym programming led by Darren Hunsucker, the winningest coach in CrossFit history, and the Mayhem Athlete Team

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About This Program

Why does this program exist?

We want to provide the opportunity for every fitness gym in the world to follow along with the same programming that CrossFit Mayhem's affiliate follows.

What does this program look like?

This is the exact program our CrossFit Mayhem here in Cookeville has followed for years and is posted at! You will get to follow 3 weeks behind so we can improve workouts even more to give you the CrossFit Mayhem fitness experience at your gym, wherever you are.
All of our sample days of programming can be found here
*Metcon only incuded in sample programming on website. There is much more in SugarWOD

What does this program include?

We include daily coaching videos, programming notes, warm ups, cool downs, and more exclusive content to ensure you have all you need to give your gym members the best fitness experience each day.

Do I get access to Mayhem Athlete's other programs?

Unfortuantely there will not be access to all of Mayhem Athlete's programs included. BUT we will be included the other classes programs in this Affiliate package soon! (LIFE class, Teens, Spin, Endurance, Kids, etc.)

How long will it take each day?

The programming will always be 1 hour for the typical hour long CrossFit class. We may include bonus programs or other valuable content at times to incresae the value of what you will receive.

How many days of programming are there each week?

We provide programming EVERYDAY! There will be 6 days of programming each week (Monday through Saturday) with an optional cardio/aerobic piece each Sunday.

When can I see programming each week?

You will be able to see the entire upcoming week of programming by Friday of each week.

Does this include any other classes I can offer in our gym?

Yes it does!
Here is an Overview of the other classes we offer

Extra Classes/Programs included

CrossFit Kids, L.I.F.E Class, Pre Teens, Teens, Endurance, Running, Spin and At Home Workouts

About Mayhem Athlete

Programming for all fitness levels by Rich Froning and the Mayhem Athlete Team

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