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7 Day Free Trial

• Strength programming similar to how Rich built his foundation of strength early in his career

• 4 Days (M-R) of Live Classes & Virtual Interaction with Rich and the crew

• Includes varying cycles (8-12 weeks) of Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, and Accessory work. As well as barbell cycling and heavier lifting in metcons.

• 5 days a week of 2 hours of strength and fitness training per day with 1 active recovery and 1 rest day


Why does this program exist?

Mayhem Strength offers athletes a way to build strength the way Rich has throughout his CrossFit career. It will focus on making improvements in the Olympic and Power Lifts, as well as cycling heavy weights in a variety of ways. Rich and Mayhem Teams do very well in events with heavier weights for a reason.

What does this program look like?

Mayhem Strength focuses on building strength how Rich has and still does. This includes classic strength training, EMOMs, metcons, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Dballs, Sandbags, Carries, etc. Each day’s strength training and workouts include warm ups, cool downs, and workout notes that clearly explain the intended stimulus, target scores, time caps, movement explanation, scaling options and more.

Who is this program for?

Mayhem Strength is made for individuals that are already well rounded is some areas but do not have competitive enough numbers their lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Press, Deadlift, Front Squat, and/or Back Squat). They may have some success in workouts with gymnastics, lighter loads, and/or high metabolic conditioning. These individuals may struggle more with 1 rep maxes, cycling heavier weights in general, and moving medium to heavy loads during metcons. This program will focus on improvements in these areas.

Do I gain access to other programs with this program?

Yes! You get ALL of our programs when you purchase this program!
That includes What’s Rich Doing, Mayhem Compete, Open Prep, Mayhem Strength, Mayhem Aerobic Capacity, Mayhem Masters, Mayhem 60, Mayhem Scaled, and Mayhem 30!

How long will it take each day?

Most days take about 2 hours depending on the time of the year.

How many days of programming are there each week?

We provide programming EVERYDAY! We do follow the traditional schedule 5 days on and 2 days “off.” Strength training and workouts are included Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.. Thursdays are an active recovery day (often having the option of a swim, movement quality session, or yoga) and Sundays are a full rest day (with an optional, easy cardio workout).

What should I do if this program is too advanced?

What should I do if I want more of a challenge?

Check out one Mayhem Compete here or What’s Rich Doing here! which are included with your Competitor Package and will show up in your SugarWOD workout tracks!

What should I do if I am handling the program well but want to work more on conditioning?

Check out Mayhem Aerobic Capacity here! which are included with your Competitor Package and will show up in your SugarWOD workout tracks!

Advanced daily programming by Rich Froning and the Mayhem Athlete Team

SugarWOD account for Mayhem Athlete online fitness community, tracking workouts, and logging results.

Starting at $49.95/month




Day 1


Snatch (7x3 @75%)
Snatch Pull (4x3 @80%)
Snatch Grip Deadlift (3x3 @95%)
Back Squat (5x5 @75%)


5 rounds:
5 dumbbell hang squat snatches, left arm (70/45)
5 dumbbell hang squat snatches, right arm (70/45)
5 dumbbell thrusters (70/45)
200-m run


4 sets
10 weighted glute ham raise
20 reverse hyper

Day 2

Warm Up:

*15:00 for quality*
1:00 cardio machine
1:00 handstand hold
10 dumbbell single leg deadlift R/L
10 single arm dumbbell press R/L


Power Clean (5x3 @75%)
Push Press (5x3 @75%)
Push Jerk (5x3 @65% of push jerk)


8 Rounds
8 Strict HSPU
10 Deadlift (205/135)
12 Toe-to-bar
-Rest 1:00 b/w rounds-