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Aerobic Capacity: PR Your Mile

$ 49.95

Welcome to the PR your Mile Program with Mayhem Aerobic Capacity! This is the original program that Coach Chris Hinshaw had Rich Froning perform in 2015 to improve his mile time. Rich started running more that year and improved his entire running game. Coach Hinshaw is the best in the business at getting athletes better at running and aerobically fit. Together with Mayhem Athlete, we have helped provide a world class running program to lead 1000s of athletes in our Mayhem Family to hit new PR’s and reach new running levels (while staying fit). Each week below will naturally progress you to have you as fast as possible in your mile by the end of the 12 weeks!

To help hit your paces when running outside, divide the interval distance into checkpoints. For example, if you are supposed to hit 200m in 56 seconds, aim to hit the 100m point in 28 seconds